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Make Life Easy
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Save Money and Streamline your Business with FieldMotion
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Let FieldMotion Help You Streamline Your Business

Make life easy for your Fieldworkers!

  • sync all the information they need straight to their phone - instantly
  • ensure all appointment and customer details are always up to date
  • give them instant access to files and photos, user manuals, certificates, etc - whatever they need to do their job effectively

Make life easy for your Administrative Staff

  • enable them to schedule and dispatch jobs quickly and easily
  • let the FieldMotion system schedule recurring appointments automatically
  • drastically reduce time spent collating information from fieldworkers' paperwork
  • draw up quotes in moments and generate detailed, accurate invoices at the touch of a button
  • cut out tedious data entry tasks

Make life easy for your Management Team

  • monitor employee performance and KPIs at a glance
  • see where your fieldworkers are and what they're doing at any time
  • assign a budget and track costs over the duration of a contract
  • keep track of company assets and their associated expenses
  • track stock levels and allocate items to employees, locations or vehicles as needed

Make life easy for your Customers

  • nurture relationships more effectively
  • ensure appointments are always carried out efficiently and on schedule
  • keep track of every interaction
  • build detailed customer profiles, including records of all costs associated with the work
  • give your customer access to their unique Customer Portal where they can view appointments
  • offer superior customer service and make tailored offers or recommendations based on your relationship

Let FieldMotion Help you Save Money

Our software is designed to save your company money.

  • reduce costs
  • maximise employee efficiency
  • increase productivity
  • monitor your expenses
  • manage budgets
  • take on more work
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So How Does it Work?

The FieldMotion system consists of a cloud-based desktop application - the Customer Relationship Management interface (CRM) - that works together with a mobile app that can be downloaded onto any Android or iOS smartphone. You don't need to buy any new equipment or install any other software. To use the CRM, you just need a PC or laptop with an internet connection. All your data is safely stored in the cloud and each user gets their own login details. Want to see the system in action?

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FieldMotion is an incredibly flexible software package packed with features to help streamline your business.
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Who Else is using FieldMotion?

Our Field Services Management software is used by companies across dozens of industry sectors.
Find out how FieldMotion is changing the way people do business!

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