Benefits of FIELDMOTION Workflow System


For the past few months now we have been hosting webinars to aid customers in training. We initially wanted to have webinars for customers to become more familiar with our workflow system. Due to popular demand; we have been hosting webinars every Tuesday and Friday and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.
This has been a great opportunity for us to show just how easy it is to use our workflow system. In terms of public demand, the response we have received has been overwhelming. Initially set up as a test run for using the FIELDMOTION system, it has now become one of our main avenues of training and implementation.

Workflow management software FIELDMOTION webinar

We have noticed a significant decrease in customer issues. From the first day of implementing the system, there have been troubleshooting issues. We can now cover any troubleshooting issues within our webinars. We can then fully explain the most effective way to work with FIELDMOTION and also solve any potential problems a user may face.
Not only do our webinars give us the chance to engage with our customers, we get to help our customers. We can even enlighten potential customers. Our webinars are not exclusive to customers, anyone can register!

Anyone who attends our webinars have the chance to ask any questions they may have. There are a lot of areas to cover in our workflow system but that is why we are hosting these regular webinars. We would like to thank all attendees of the webinars. Without you, we would not be doing what we love to do and that is helping people. No matter how big or small, if it\’s a problem for you, we will help.
So come along and reserve your seat, you will not be disappointed!!

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