Mobile Forms

Mobile Forms

Fieldmotion’s custom digital forms streamline data collection, offering tailored solutions for various tasks like job sheets and risk assessments. With real-time access on mobile devices, field workers can efficiently complete forms, ensuring accuracy and compliance. Integration capabilities enhance workflow efficiency, making Fieldmotion’s digital forms a powerful tool for optimizing operations.

Key features include:

  • Build forms based on your existing templates

  • Include logos, accreditations, and branding in the form

  • Customize form questions with dropdowns, multiple choice, photographs, signatures, etc.

  • Set up workflows to trigger emails, create jobs, or generate quotes based on specific answers

  • Capture up to 200 photographs per job

Mobile Forms 2
Mobile Forms 3
  • Expand forms dynamically as more information is added

  • Add hidden fields for office use only

  • Set required fields to ensure no information is missed

  • Apply header sections for easier completion by fieldworkers

  • Communicate directly with our form-building team to ensure forms are user-friendly while capturing all essential information

Other Software Features: