Job Scheduling Timeline

Job Scheduling

Fieldmotion software enhances job scheduling by offering real-time scheduling and dispatching for field workers. Jobs can be scheduled for clients or linked to specific assets. It facilitates seamless communication between office staff and field workers, ensuring instant updates and minimising miscommunication.

Key features include:

  • Multiple scheduling views including list, calendar, map, and timeline.

  • Create one-off or recurring contract jobs.

  • Assign multiple field employees to a single job.

  • Various filter options across all scheduling views.

Job Scheduling Timeline Calendar
Job Scheduling Timeline Calendar Map
  • Create jobs directly from the mobile app.

  • Drag-and-drop functionality for real-time updates to field engineers.

  • Email notifications to employees and clients when jobs are created or updated.

  • Select employees based on skill set and department.

  • Map View showing where jobs are based on customer location.

  • Assign jobs to a client or asset.

  • Easy-to-follow traffic light system indicating job status.

  • Customizable job types.

  • Centralized dashboard for comprehensive job and workforce management.

Job Scheduling

Other Software Features: