Planned Maintenance

Planned Maintenance

Fieldmotion streamlines planned maintenance and recurring contract jobs with intuitive scheduling, automated reminders, and seamless communication. Users track jobs effortlessly, ensuring assets are serviced regularly to reduce downtime. Custom forms and CRM integration enhance workflow efficiency and customer satisfaction. Overall, Fieldmotion offers a comprehensive solution for optimizing maintenance operations and meeting contract obligations consistently.

Key features include:

  • Easily set up recurring jobs with customizable frequencies (Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.).

  • Automatically renew contracts upon expiration.

  • Assign designated users and allocate necessary resources (such as stock and schedule of rates) to each recurring job.

  • Customize job types for individual jobs within the recurrence.

Planned Maintenance 2
Planned Maintenance 3
  • Option to include expiry dates for planned maintenance jobs.

  • Schedule routine vehicle checks against assets.

  • Associate recurring jobs directly with client assets.

  • Generate reports to track maintenance due within a specified month.

Other Software Features: