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Field Mobile App

Fieldmotion software enhances job scheduling by offering real-time scheduling and dispatching for field workers. Jobs can be scheduled for clients or linked to specific assets. It facilitates seamless communication between office staff and field workers, ensuring instant updates and minimising miscommunication.

Key features include:

  • Available for download on Android and Apple devices

  • Complete any custom forms, including job sheets, service reports, risk assessments, certificates, vehicle checks, and timesheets

  • View job history to see previous jobs completed for a client

  • Navigate to addresses using Google or Apple Maps integration

  • Filter by date range to view upcoming jobs

  • Highly permission-driven to control fieldworker access

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Mobile App 3
  • Clock in and out function for tracking work hours

  • View stock in vehicle and warehouse inventory

  • Access client and internal asset details easily

  • Generate jobs for after-hours work

  • Customize workflow for jobs, including email triggers and job creation from existing jobs

  • Offline mode allows fieldworkers to complete paperwork without a data signal

Other Software Features: