The Contracts page empowers you to establish both a monetary budget and a labour hour budget for each contract. It consolidates all related jobs under the specific contract, offering a detailed breakdown of labour, stock, mileage, and miscellaneous costs associated with it. This feature provides clear visibility into the status of your contract, allowing you to gauge whether you are on track or experiencing any overspending issues in terms of labour, stock, and expenses.

Key features include:

  • Set monetary and labor hour budgets for contracts

  • Group all related jobs under specific contracts

  • Detailed breakdown of labor, stock, mileage, and miscellaneous costs associated with each contract

  • Clear visibility into contract status and expenditure

Contracts 2
Contracts 3
  • Monitor contract progress and identify overspending issues

  • Track labor hours allocated to each contract

  • Compare actual costs against budgeted amounts

  • Generate reports on contract performance and expenditure

  • Easily manage and update contract details

Other Software Features: