Software Features


Fieldmotion’s user-friendly job management software streamlines processes, improves efficiency, and enhances customer satisfaction. The Software Features have intuitive scheduling, real-time updates, and simplified job tracking, it ensures smooth job completion.


Create and schedule both planned and reactive jobs and sync directly to your field worker’s device.

  • Jobs are completed using your customized forms.
  • All job information is synced in real-time to your field workers mobile device.
  • Capture all information including photographs and signatures.
  • Jobs can be completed offline.
hiw jobs
hiw scheduling


Effortlessly plan and manage all types of jobs, including planned, reactive, and installation jobs, using Fieldmotion’s user-friendly scheduling module.

  • Jobs can be created both on the CRM and the mobile device.
  • Office staff can get real-time updates based on the job status.
  • Easily schedule your planned maintenance and contract jobs.
  • Customer notifications on job status updates.

CRM System

Our CRM tracks and manages all customer details, including job history, quotes, invoices, and assets, in a single platform.

  • Full customer job history.
  • Customizable fields for personalized customer information.
  • Store customer files in one location which can be shared to your field workers.
  • One centralized location for all customer assets, invoices, quotes, contracts, stock used etc.
  • Easily set up customers and their associated sites/locations.
hiw customers
hiw assets

Asset / Sub-Asset Management

Fieldmotion’s asset management feature empowers you to efficiently manage both your own and your customers’ assets. 

  • Assign assets to locations and manage assets & sub assets.
  • Track all maintenance and service history.
  • Manage all warranty records.
  • Tag assets with QR codes.
  • Asset information can be shared with your field worker.


Fieldmotion’s quote feature enables you to swiftly obtain customer approval, resulting in improved planning response times and streamlined operations.

  • Customized quotes forms.
  • Easily create and send your quote to your clients for approval.
  • Quick turnaround from quote approval to job creation.
  • Seamlessly create your quote from the completion of your survey.


Increase efficiency across all areas of your business with Cloud-based Software

Stock / Inventory / PO’s

Fieldmotion enables seamless allocation of stock items to completed jobs, providing easy monitoring of stock usage and levels for efficient inventory management. 

  • Create and manage stock items.
  • Allocate stock to either a user or vehicle.
  • Record all stock items used on completed jobs.
  • Set up trigger alerts on low stock levels.
  • Create and send purchase order to your suppliers.
hiw stock
hiw invoicing


Fieldmotion allows for easy creation and sending of invoices to customers upon job completion, streamlining the billing process and ensuring prompt invoicing.

  • Stock and SOR’s can be easily applied to the invoice.
  • Invoice generated within moments of job completion.
  • Customized invoice templates.
  • Can create bulk and recurring invoices.
  • Integration with Xero, QuickBooks and Sage.

Customer Portal

Fieldmotion’s customer portal allows your customers to access and view all relevant job details and documents associated with their accounts.

  • Ability to view past and future jobs.
  • Access to a calendar view of planned jobs.
  • Customer can access completed job forms, assets, quotes and invoices.
  • Customer can create job requests.
hiw portal
Reports Feature Page


Fieldmotion’s reports suite enables you to make informed decisions through detailed and customizable reports.

  • Customizable Dashboards.
  • Performance reports on jobs, quote, invoices etc.
  • Detailed asset management reports.
  • Target driven reports.

Customizable Forms

Customizable forms are a vital tool for our customers as they allow them to align the forms with their specific needs and requirements.

  • Personalized workflows on form completion.
  • Capture signatures, photos, custom questions etc.
  • Bespoke forms to your requirements
  • Required fields ensuring all questions are completed.
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