Fieldmotion allows you to invoice directly from a completed job, combine multiple jobs into one invoice, and create standalone or recurring invoices. You can set up stock, schedules of rates, and labor costs to build your invoices accurately. With integration to both Xero and QuickBooks, seamless syncing is ensured. Additionally, invoices can be easily exported for import into other accounting software, such as Sage 50.

Key features include:

  • Invoice directly from a completed job

  • Combine multiple jobs into a single invoice

  • Create standalone invoices

  • Set up and manage recurring invoices

Invoicing 2
Invoicing 3
  • Configure stock, schedules of rates, and labor costs for accurate invoicing

  • Integrate seamlessly with Xero and QuickBooks for automatic syncing

  • Export invoices for import into other accounting software like Sage 50

  • Customize invoice templates with your branding and logos

  • Generate detailed invoice reports for financial tracking

  • Automate invoice reminders and follow-ups for outstanding payments

  • Easily email invoice and job sheets when a job is complete

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Other Software Features: