Asset Management

Asset Management

The stock management module offers businesses a simplified approach to inventory tracking and control. It ensures precise monitoring of stock levels, allocation to field workers, and alerts for low stock. With real-time updates and mobile access, field workers can conveniently check available stock. Customization options enable businesses to categorize stock items, facilitating easier allocation to jobs by field workers. Integration with other Fieldmotion features, like job scheduling and invoicing, ensures smooth coordination, enhancing overall efficiency in inventory management.

Key features include:

  • Monitor stock levels with real-time updates

  • Allocate stock to field workers efficiently

  • Receive email alerts for low stock levels on warehouse and user stock

  • Field workers can view available stock via mobile app

  • Customize stock item categories for easy allocation

  • Facilitate quick identification and management of stock items

Asset Calendar
Asset Main Details
  • Sync stock quantities and values with accounting software like Xero and QuickBooks

  • Allocate stock directly to jobs

  • Manage stock distribution to field workers and vehicles

  • Generate stock reports

  • Export stock data in CSV format

  • Easily see what stock is used against a particular client

Other Software Features: