Create Paperless Forms on Mobile Devices

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Create paperless forms on mobile devices

Before I tell you how FIELDMOTION lets you create paperless forms on mobile devices. Let me share a scary stat with you. 50% of landfills waste is paper from offices.
Imagine this for me. You go shopping. You come strolling past a certain shop. It just so happens, you love this shop. You\’re always talking about it. “Oh that would look great on me”. You tell yourself. There\’s a big sign in the shop window.
This is a scenario we\’ve all been in I\’m sure. We act on impulse. Our gut instinct. But when we get down to brass tacks, we\’re weak. We want to buy it because it\’s on offer. We need it because “someone else might get it before us”.
You\’re reading this now thinking, “yeah, so what\’s your point?”
My point. Ladies and Gentlemen is this. Half of the waste in landfills is paper. That\’s a lot of money. Wasted! Money that would not have been wasted if businesses had a way to create paperless forms on their mobile devices. Okay we couldn\’t save it all, but we would make a great contribution in reducing paper waste. Ultimately saving businesses money. See for yourself.
When mobile workers are in the field, they are using forms on a daily basis. They need a signature to sign off the job. They then need to drive back to the office. Inform accounts about the work carried out. Then accounts will send them a bill. So on and so forth.
After it\’s all said and done. They too are wasting time, money and paper when they are finished keeping record of their job.This could all be avoided by using our WMS to create paperless forms.
All of these workers are adding to this 50% in our landfills. As a business, you are wasting your own money. At least in your sale you got something for it. At half the price. Imagine the money you would save using FIELDMOTION to create paperless forms.
How about you don\’t spend that 50% you didn\’t need to in the first place. Our landfills won\’t have so much paper waste. Let\’s stop with all the frivolous spending. Why not spend smarter?

Instead, why not let your mobile workers use FIELDMOTION. Our WMS will allow them to create paperless forms on their mobile devices. No more wasted paper. Massive Savings annually and so much more. Check out our Savings Calculator to see just how much you will save.
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