Field Service Management news this week

This week, we look at how FSM software increases margin in after-market field service work.
Industry Week has written an article showing how you can use field service management software to increase your margin in after-market field service. After selling hardware, it is important that you support what you have sold. If you use FSM software for this, you reduce the cost of service, because there is less time taken in overheads such as paperwork or looking up records. Ask us for a demo.
Travis Parigi of LiquidFrameworks named the time between work done and invoice sent the “CFO Challenge”. In field service, it can take up to 90 days in some cases to get paid, so it makes sense to get the invoice out as soon as possible. Our own customers have already commented on how shocked they were that FieldMotion allows you to send an invoice as soon as the work is done. In one case, a customer (Building Protection Services) managed to receive a call for a job, finish the job, and invoice, all within the space of 25 minutes! Would you like this same turn-around? Talk to us.
CIO Review has an article talking about how field service management software increases overall satisfaction around your work. One of the most important key points is availability of information. With FSM, your field service workers have information about the customer, the job, and all past jobs, right at their fingertips. They also recommend partnering with a software provider that is committed to successful implementation, training and support for the system. Contact us to talk about how we do in all this!

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FSM in the news this week
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