Field Service Software in the UK and Ireland

While we have customers in many countries, the vast majority of our active users are in the UK and Ireland.
We have a screen which we use to measure lag from various areas, so we can figure out if reported issues are within FieldMotion (FM) or local networking issues. When it lights up a new location, I am sometimes reminded of a screen that was shown in the lobby of the Google buildings in Dublin that showed active search queries around the world and the location the query came from.
As I glance at the board, I see activity in London, Cardiff, Sheffield, Newcastle Liverpool, Bradford, Edinburgh, Derry, Dublin, Waterford, Kerry – and that’s just in the last few minutes. Field workers eventually filter down into every place you can think of. The workflow management system lets field workers work anywhere and report back easily. They simply receive their job orders on a mobile device and off they go. No need to go back to the office. Just fill in the forms on your phone or tablet, and it will do the rest. Doesn’t matter if it’s Android or iPhone.
Because we’re situated close to the Northern Ireland / Republic of Ireland border, we find it easy to relate to companies in both the UK and in Ireland. Personally, I actually live in the Republic itself, in Monaghan, and travel every day to Armagh and then Newry to get to work.
A light blinks on in Waterford. And another in Hull.
When I worked for a web development company about ten years ago, I used to enjoy recognising clients on almost every street. Nowadays, because FieldMotion is getting so large, I get to play that same game everywhere.
A few days ago I was getting off the bus in Monaghan when a van drove past with a Limerick company’s name on it. That was one of ours. I remember going on a five hour drive to their place of business (and back) a few years ago with one of our sales guys, who played the soundtrack of Frozen on repeat all the way there and back. It was …interesting. They already had a workflow system but it was complex and cranky. They were looking to replace that with a simple workflow software that worked better and let them do more. That was us.
I was in Dublin a few weeks ago and a large gas and electricity supplier was doing an ad campaign. Practically every bus-stop had an ad of theirs. One of ours.
We’re planning a new trick soon where our clients will be able to put QR codes on their vans which let other people scan the codes and hire them for jobs directly. This will make it easier to spot our field worker software clients everywhere.
A light blinks on in Preston. Wakefield. Antrim. Ennis.
It’s not just the large companies that we do. FM can be a workflow management system for small business as well as large. Any company with two or more users can benefit from our system.
A light goes on in Port Laoise.
We’re everywhere in the UK and Ireland. Join us.

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