Forms on Mobile Devices

Mostly when describing what we do, we’ve talked about the industry itself, “field service management”, but when you get right down into the details, what we’re mostly working on is putting forms on mobile devices so that engineers can fill in their report data easily in a digital manner so it doesn’t need to be done twice – once by the engineer in a notebook, and again by a clerk in the office through data entry. FieldMotion is mobile forms software.

Some mobile field solutions companies offer specific forms for mobile devices (such as the Fire Safety industry’s “Pas 79 2016”), and reports for those specific forms. However, this is a very constrained way of working – if you need to track further information related to the job, you are then forced to write it in a notebook, which is exactly what we’re trying to get a way from.
Instead, we offer the ability to create mobile forms custom to your needs. Whatever questions you need answered, you simply create a form that includes that question. And you then can either tailor your report to include the answer, or you can even have the information forwarded into a follow-up form and report.
A big part of form design for the mobile office is that the engineer must not wade through pages after pages of questions, when they are looking for a specific question. Instead, we offer two solutions – forms can be broken down into expandable sections (you just see the header, until you expand it), and we can also hide questions or sections depending on what’s already been answered.
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