If you used FieldMotion, you would already be setting up the barbecue

It’s already well-known that field service management software cuts down on the time you waste filling in reports, so let’s just get past that.

image: barbecue image by Kornekar
Wouldn’t you prefer to be outside working on your sunburn or showing the neighbours how well you can burn your kebabs?
If you want to take advantage of the time-saving that you get from using workflow management software that automates all of your paperwork and builds your reports for you so you don’t need to do it yourself, ask us for a demo. We promise to not disturb you during your barbecue. After all, we’re too busy working on our own annual lawn-mowing and gardening to care! But, we’ll get back to you as soon as the rain comes back (you know; tomorrow).
I was going to write a load of industry-specific stuff, like how we’re saving time for fire and safety inspection officers by automating their PAS 79 records, or how our pest control software’s recurring jobs make the business a pleasure to do, but you know what – I’m off out into the sun to enjoy myself.

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