Managing Compliance Within Pest Control And Keeping Your Customers Happy

Being “compliant” means we are ready and willing to do what we are ordered to. As business owners we try to make sure all the rules are followed and in doing so, our customers/clients get the best experience.
Pest Control is such that recording each job step by step has become more and more important over the last 10 years. From surveying a job to disposing of rodent bodies, each step has to be carefully measured and documented.
New legislation in early 2016 ensured that not just anyone can use lethal products to get rid of vermin but indeed they have to show the proper credentials in order to do so. This in effect leaves those companies that are accredited by British Pest Control Authority (BPCA) with having to comply even more.
Recording what baits are being used, how much, how often, and when it is changed is required in order for you to be compliant. Previously, toxins had been passed down the food chain, which lead to secondary poisoning of other non-vermin animals. This is why not just anyone should be able to administer baits.
A lot of smaller pest control companies in the UK and Ireland depend on repeat business. Competing with the larger companies requires you to be different. How different are you? Have you been managing your workforce properly? Have you been recording all relevant information properly making your customer aware that you are the best for the job. These are questions only you can answer.
Now is the time to get your own house in order. ‘Yes’, you probably have heard this all before…but it’s true. If your processes are in place then your business will prosper and be able to compete. People talk, so when you do a great job you are guaranteed you will be talked about.
Maybe it’s time to take a look at how compliant you are. Is there something out there that can help? All you need to do is ask…

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