Outsourced labour in workflow

FieldMotion’s field service management software can send jobs to outsourced workers, including customer information and form fields. This means that your outsourcers fill in your form, and that is sent back to you as the outsourcing company.
As a bonus, we also tie the outsourcing into workflow. When an outsourcer marks a job completed, the job data is sent back to you, and your onComplete workflow can then do whatever you want – send emails to yourself or the client, create new jobs, etc. Field service job management software lets you decide for yourself what happens when a job is finished.
When a job is created through workflow, it is usually assigned to either no-one, or one of your own users.
We added that you can now have it that if an outsourcer marks a job completed, you can automatically assign a new job to them.
For example, let’s say you’ve got a job to go fix a boiler which should be followed up a few weeks later with a checkup, but you want to outsource it to someone not in your company.
With the new field service engineer management software feature, you can now assign a job to an outsourcer, and set it that when the outsourcer completes the job, the data will be sent back to your own company, and then a new one will be created and automatically assigned to the same outsourcer.

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