Should You Change How You Do Paperwork?

should you change how you do paperwork fieldmotion workflow management software

Should you change how you do paperwork?

Given the opportunity, would you change everything you do if there was a chance to profit immensely? Would you stop using a pen in place of your finger? Of course I mean for writing, not picking your nose!
If you have ever worked in an office, you know just how ridiculous your workflow can become. You are handed so many different tasks and they are expected to be done faster than they were handed out. The real pain of it all is paperwork.
Wouldn\’t you love to just make airplanes out of it all and see how far they can go? Of course you would. Imagine if the trees that were chopped down and made into sheets of administrative nonsense found out that you hate them even after they\’ve been killed so you could do your job.

Well that’s just awful! I\’m joking, of course they know.

Everybody, it seems has to do paperwork these days. It’s become the norm in the workplace, unfortunately. Who would have thought that drivers would need to do paperwork? Or that someone working with bunged sewers (I won’t go into detail here) needed risk assessments and health and safety paperwork completed before they could even lift the lid off a manhole.
Nobody understands the pain of paperwork more than I. (I have the paper cuts to prove it!)

I have often wondered how people come up with ideas for processing documents. Is it all really necessary? Do you have to follow these guidelines exactly?
It’s like when you are trying to sort something out with your taxes. You need to go online to fill out a form. To then be redirected to a page with a phone number you must call. Then you stay on hold for hours for a voice to tell you “Yes, well you will need to fill out this form, we have to post it out to you and that will be with you in 2 weeks”.
What a completely pointless process and ultimately a waste of time. Remember what I said earlier? “The real pain of it all is paperwork.”

Why don’t you just stop doing it?

I’m serious! You can stop doing paperwork. Request a free demo now to see how.

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