Why Use Field Service Software?

Field Service Management Software (FSM) is improving the performance of field service companies across the world.  A recent Capterra research report even found that 97% of FSM users witnessed a positive impact on their business from the new software.

But just how can it have a positive impact on your business?  Well, to make it easy for a company to manage its field workers, they can now use field service management software to help keep dispatchers and managers in close contact with their field workers while they’re out on the job.

The software can also trace which vehicles are currently being used and by whom. In addition, the software can provide real-time updates to inventory, schedule jobs & service visits and determine technician availability.

If you need to manage multiple field workers at once, there is no better software to use than field service management (FSM). It’ll increase the efficiency and productivity of your company because you won’t need to guess what your field workers are doing. You’ll always know where they are and what they’re doing every minute of the day. Based on this, you can create invoices for your customers and send them to their email addresses.

Field service software saves all the information about the services that were provided to each customer. You can see the status of any equipment that was distributed to them too, such as where it is currently located and whether it is running or not. Every aspect of customer service can be managed from the backend by using field service software. Reports and service information can be shared between the dispatchers and field workers as well.


Now that you know the importance of field service software, the next step is to find the bestsoftware solution available. Fieldmotion is one field service software brand which delivers a quality field worker management experience. Your dispatchers don’t need to be IT experts to understand how to run and operate this software.

Fieldmotion was designed to be user-friendly and customizable in order to accommodate the needs of field service companies in many different industries. It is top-rated amongst existing customers and is accessible via a cloud, Android mobile device, Apple mobile device, and personal computer.

We offer some of the most competitive rates in the market, and can ensure you’ll be getting a good deal when you consider how much better the productivity and profitability of your company will be from using this field service software. As far as company expenses go, operating through Fieldmotion’s software is a truly minimal expense that will pay off greatly.

If you’d like to book a demo with our team today, you can do so by completing a short form on our website here, or if you’d simply like to learn more about Fieldmotion’s software and how it works you can watch a webinar, which goes through everything you need to know.

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