Workflow Management

FieldMotion's field service management system has a sophisticated built-in workflow management system that lets you set up complex sequences of tasks easily.

Example workflows that we have done include:

How our system works, is that your field workers fill out their paperwork on forms on their mobile devices, and when they mark these jobs "complete", an "onComplete" logic chain decides what needs to be done next, depending on what was filled into the form.

Follow-up jobs created during workflow can include information pre-filled from previous jobs, so if you have an importand note about a client that the follow-up worker must know, you can just jot it down as you work, and when that worker is assigned to the task, he or she will already have the information right where they need it.

We even have in-form workflows, where what you fill into one question can determine what other questions are to be filled into the form. For example, if a question on the form is "Are there any new parts needed in order to complete this task?", and you answer "No", then there is no need for another question to ask you to detail what new parts are needed. Or, if a question is "Is there follow-up work needed?", and you answer "Yes", then the form can show a section asking what work is needed, and who should do it, etc.

All forms in FieldMotion are custom, so you can set any workflow that you can imagine.

If you would like to talk with us about our workflow management system, please request a demo.