Facilities Management Show 2015

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Facilities Management Show 2015 – Birmingham

So how did it go? You ask.
FIELDMOTION was in attendance at the 2015 Facilities Management Show in Birmingham. In a packed NEC arena, we sent our best girls to show off our product. Located at stand F25D, Michelle, Jennifer and Allison proudly displayed our workflow management software for all to see.
In a bid to increase our exposure to an ever growing market, we can say it was a great success. We had met with a range of companies across many different sectors. They all had questions about how our product could be used for their business.
“Our mission is to create a paperless office. How can we not work for your business?” said Michelle. “Even if you do not completely eliminate paper from your office, you will have drastically reduced costs related to the fact you are using paper” she continued.
We had two days to get our paperless office message out there. Each and every business we came across had told us about the problems they face. The NEC had guys from within the construction trade, engineering, facilities management and so many more. They had a lot of problems. So much so, I will have to write another article just to cover them. That being said, they all had one thing in common!
Their paperwork is not getting back to the office fast enough!
There were even companies that told us they did not receive paperwork for a job they finished 4 weeks previous.
That is just not good enough!

Using our workflow management software, you can send your paperwork back to the office instantly. Just one click and the paperwork your worker has filled out on his mobile device, is back in the office. No pens, no paper. No needless journeys. No wasted petrol money!
We showed the savings calculator we had created to everyone interested in our workflow management software. Let’s just say, we have never seen so many people get so excited about a calculator.
Click here to see the savings you can make
We went to the NEC arena to gauge an interest in our workflow management software. We left with an overwhelming number of companies that took our product. They had seen we were serious about saving businesses money. Remember the calculator?
These savings are just the start. Request a free demo of our paperless office software to see how much more there is to our product.
I promise you will not be disappointed!

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