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Paperless Office System – Do I need one?

Small and medium-sized enterprises waste more than £42.2m per day in revenues. Looking for documents! (According to YouGov)

£42.2m? Looking for documents!

How can this be? We spend this on average just to locate documents?
This could be so easily taken care of with our paperless office system.
Use our Savings Calculator to see how much you contribute to the waste!

It’s common practice to use a filing system. In modern business, there is a lot of paper. A lot of filing cabinets. Lots of people filling these filing cabinets also. With our paperless office system you can completely eliminate the need for a standard filing cabinet.
Businesses need to comply with standard guidelines when it comes to storing records. Unlike a standard filing cabinet, our paperless office system has no limit to the amount of documents you can store. On top of which, each document will have a unique reference number.
No more will you need to rummage through archives to find a certain document. All of your documents are just a click away.

Here\’s a bit of simple math for you:

Wasted time = 0
Time = Money

What more do I have to say?

We can all relate to the pains of paperwork. We are well used to the same processes day in, day out. Yet we cannot see the simple solution in front of our very own eyes.
Using our paperless office system will completely transform your business. It will improve customer service. Above all, it will allow you to see a return on investment almost instantly.
You will notice administration costs have fallen dramatically. Your workflow will be streamlined. An improvement in communication levels and a vast improvement in customer relations will swiftly follow.
Want to see our paperless office system in action? Request a FREE Demo

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