Field Service Management news this week

The FSM market size is set to more than double in size by from 1.78 billion USD in 2016 to 3.61 billion in 2021, according to a new report by Research And Markets. Factors that the report say are driving the expansion are the market’s need for the centralised management of field services, real-time collaboration, increased operational efficiency, and reduced operational costs, which Field Service Management software is known for.
Power Pro-Tech, a US company that specialises in service and installation of distributed power systems has recently started using FSM software to manage its workforce. They report a 10% increase in engineer productivity, a drop of more than 50% in open work orders, a decrease in overall administration, work orders are closed quicker, and invoices go out quicker. Contact us to hear how we can do the same for you, or use our savings calculator to figure out the savings for yourself.
Finances Online have done a fantastic review of our own product, FieldMotion, rating it 8/10. We have been given the Rising Star 2017 Award and the Great User Experience 2017 Award. Talk to us about our field service management software – we’re happy to give you a demo!

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