Customer Spotlight: Just Energy

Tell us a bit about your company

We are an energy services company that allows our customers to live more sustainably. From efficient heating, to renewable heating and solar PV to electric vehicle charge points, we are continually helping evolve the way that energy is harnessed and used.
Because we offer a totally holistic service, from initial contact, right the way through to design, installation and ongoing maintenance, we are uniquely placed to serve both the private and commercial markets. With offices in Truro, St Albans and Newcastle our UK-wide presence enables us to meet demand with the speed and agility of a business that places the customer at the heart of everything we do.

Please tell us a little about your position in the company

Operations Manager for the South East area of the business.

What problems were you having that FieldMotion was brought in to fix?

Kevin Gray, Operations Manager

We were almost totally paper based, we work across the whole country so were reliant on scans and even faxes of work sheets to come back to the office. Obviously this could take weeks, and the standard of engineers hand writing varies, so the documents often weren’t that clear.

How has FieldMotion affected your business since you’ve started using it?

I’m sure we aren’t utilising fully yet, but already it has enhanced our business greatly. The push and pull of electronic documents, that we can create and edit as we need to was a stumbling block of numerous IT businesses that we spoke to. It has saved engineers time, and enhanced the quality of the documents we produce. It has given us a more professional look and by saving on so much paper, helps us practice the energy efficiencies that we promote.

If you could put a number on it, how many hours/person/week have you saved by switching to FieldMotion?

I would say it has probably saved us at least 2 full time administrators.

Through your use of Fieldmotion, has your company seen a positive financial benefit, and if so what would that be?

By saving on administration staff and on paper alone, we have benefited from substantial financial savings. This is without properly analysing the efficiencies we have saved on the engineers productivity.

Do you think that FieldMotion software will help your company take on more work?

It has certainly given the business comfort that there is a software solution available to us, and a support structure in place behind it that epitomises great customer service.

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