Four continents and growing

Today, we signed a client in Asia, adding to our collection of continents (Europe, Africa and North America are already mounted and stuffed on our walls).
We’re now working towards total world domination with our field service scheduling software. The image is a friend’s contribution to the cause, a poster to sell FieldMotion to penguins in Antarctica. It might work. Who knows? I’m sure penguins keep the ultimate paperless office already, but being so far from us, they’re also the ultimate mobile workers, and so we should at least try 🙂
We’ve come a long way from our humble beginnings, working in the back-office of a larger company, then growing to take over the entire building. And we’re still growing. By now, we must be about the, oh, fourth-largest workflow management system company in town! Although I couldn’t name the other three even if I tried.
Luckily, the team is up to the task. Our development team is careful to not race ahead and add everything that occurs to them (as head of development, I keep that rein firmly in check!), so we spend quite a large proportion of our time making sure that there are no known issues, and that the system has no growing pains either due to our scaling up. When an issue comes in, we tackle it immediately. The fact that we get any development done at all is a sign that no-one is reporting problems!
Having said that, we still do develop new tricks here and there. On Monday, I wrote about how we are adding to our Zapier capabilities. Today, we finished some work related to “F-Gas registers” (a record that all fire and risk assessment software should be able to show a history of). As usual, we wrote it in such a way that it is perfect for fire and security software solution, but it can also be used for adhoc purposes, allowing us to cater to anyone needing similar tricks.

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