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I’ve been looking at how people arrive on our website, and a lot of people are here because they’re looking for mobile pest control software, which I haven’t talked much about before on the blog.
FieldMotion does everything that a pest control engineer needs. We have quite a few clients in the pest control business, and some of the features of the system were actually built to satisfy their needs. In particular, the recurring jobs features are important for pest control management software and were developed with our clients.
You can set up recurring visits to customers, to run checks every 6, 12 months (or whatever you want), the job notes you keep for one appointment in a series will be available in the next, and notes about particular clients are available within the job details as well so you’ll never need to look in many places at once.
If your customers need to be kept informed, you can give them access to a customer portal, where they can log in and see everything you’ve completed, and download their reports.
We can record the GPS coordinates of the engineers when they mark their jobs done, and when they get signatures or take photographs.
Setting up your appointments is easy – you can create them from the app or from the online CRM, where you can create them in a list view, a timeline view, or a calendar view. Timeline and calendar views are drag-drop, so you can lay your jobs out visually. Or you can use the dynamic scheduler to organise the appointments for you, sending the right engineers to the right jobs, and saving you time and money.
Everything in FieldMotion’s pest control software programs is realtime. When a job is created in the office, it is immediately sent to the engineer. As an engineer updates the job form, the information is sent back to the database and immediately visible in the office.
FieldMotion even works offline. It’s completely seamless. When you’re online, information is synched with the pest software database live. When you’re offline, the information is “queued” to be uploaded as soon as you’re back online. No need to think about it. It just happens in the background.
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