Industrial Water Management

Industrial Water Management has been providing water treatment and hygiene services to the Irish market since 1974. Their customers are in both the public and private sectors and they sleep easily at night knowing that their technicians – the most experienced and best credentialed in the industry – are working on their sites. Over the last decade, Industrial Water Management has grown its business to the extent that is now operating internationally. Their recent acquisition by German company EnviroWater will consolidate their position in Ireland and help us design new and more innovative services for our customers.

Why did Industrial Water Management choose Fieldmotion?

We were on the lookout to implement a software package that did everything we needed all under one roof. We also wanted a user-friendly interface that was easy to use. Additionally, we needed it to be implemented without disrupting our current day-to-day business.  Previously, we worked on two to three different packages, which did not meet the requirements of our industry. I guess we wanted to advance our current process of being able to view all information on one platform in real time.

What have been the biggest Positive changes?

We really liked the idea of having all things under one roof. The functionality across many features allowed us to become more efficient with our time as all information was stored on Fieldmotion. As Fieldmotion Water Management Software is cloud-based, which means the mobile app does not lose information on forms when offline and it will update when you return to signal. The speed at which information is returned to the office is almost instantly. Fieldmotion brought a savings of 30 hours a week between the engineers not having to come back to the office with physical paperwork and the admin staff having minimal filing and processing work to complete. We are now in a position whereby our administrative staff can contribute time to creating new business, marketing, and other business needs. With more work being created, we have now added an additional field worker to our team. Overall due to the total successful application of Fieldmotion in our Water Hygiene (Legionella) Division, we are now looking to expand this into other areas of our company including Water Treatment, Wastewater, and Pure Water Division.


Which features have been most Beneficial?

Asset Management

Asset management is easy with Fieldmotion. Servicing and maintaining assets in compliance with Legionella Risk Assessments is crucially important. Fieldmotion allows you to complete jobs against individual assets. In addition to this, a record of works completed against an asset will always be available via the Fieldmotion App and Office view.

Customizable Job Sheet & Legionella Risk Assessment
has the ability to create job sheets for your service, maintenance, and risk assessment jobs. Legionella Risk Assessment (LRA), Thermostatic Mixing Valve (TMV), Clean and Disinfection, Water Storage Tank, Calorifiers, and all other water outlets can be created in job sheet form (fully customizable) on Fieldmotion. This allows you to keep all compliance in one place.



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