Workman Lifts

Established in 2008 By Bobby Workman, Workman Lifts install, repair, service, and remove stair lifts in Northern Ireland. Private and NHSCT work is carried out. They have held contracts with NHSCT since 1st June 2008 and currently hold a servicing and Repair contract for NHSCT for over 1500 stair lifts.

They are Members of Safe T cert, Construction line, and NICEIC, and all their engineers have been manufacturer trained for the products and undergo refresher training on a regular basis.

Why did Workman Lifts choose Fieldmotion?

Before we started working with FIELDMOTION, our biggest fear was that it might not work for us, costs and cost-effectiveness, not having the support if something went wrong with the system, and adding and removing clients from your list. However, we were surprised at how much time it saved when processing work and I can log in from home and do extra work if I need to. FIELDMOTION also allows me to see the work online as it is being filled by the engineer. I would recommend FIELDMOTION Lifts Software to any business where forms are required to be completed!

If you have any workers out in the field, FIELDMOTION is ideal. FIELDMOTION was easy to set up. I sent the guys at FM the forms I wanted to use and they processed them into the system for me. I was given training on how to use the system from the office side and from the on-field side. Any changes I wanted to the forms, however little were done sometimes in a matter of an hour or two. My engineers were given training over the phone and a step-by-step guide was emailed to us for reference. We received full support from the FM staff, if I had any hiccups or wasn’t sure how to do something I got full support from the team. It’s great to have the full support of the FIELDMOTION team and I’m so glad that Workman Lifts took the plunge and invested in the system. It’s worth every penny!

What have been the biggest Positive changes?

It is now quick and easy to send jobs to engineers which allows for a quick turnaround from when a job is sent, completed, processed, invoiced, and sent to the client. FIELDMOTION has saved our office staff from many hours of printing, scanning, and processing. There is also NO PAPER to file away! All data is saved on the server and can be found with a simple search. The photos and job sheets are all together with no more hassle of filing anymore. As soon as the job is completed by the engineer it comes straight back to the office and I can have it processed before they finish their day’s work.  It is so easy and fast to send the invoice, worksheets, and photos to our contract manager. No more, printing, scanning, and filing!

Which features have been most Beneficial?

Asset Management

The easy-to-use management software gives Workman Lifts the power to handle scheduled work and react rapidly to urgent appointments for all assets. FIELDMOTION lets us easily record photos, and notes for sharing, and later reference on all Doors.

Job Management

Jobs can be allocated based on real-time data such as engineers, equipment, and stock availability. Share job directions, workflows, digital risk assessments, and safety certificates with the FIELDMOTION mobile app. FIELDMOTION traffic light process identifies completed jobs (GREEN), jobs in progress (AMBER), and jobs unassigned (RED). This lowers the risk of ever missing a job. Engineers don’t overtravel to jobs as the system allows the admin staff to pull up individual schedules and they can make changes on the drag & drop calendar.

Mobile App

Assets paperwork is logged easily by engineers on a mobile App that can be sent back to the office to the asset register. As everything is done on one easy-to-use platform it stops confusion in the office. Jobs can be deployed to engineers who can update forms in real-time with FIELDMOTION cloud-based software. Cloud-based software allows for more convenience as job sheets stay live even when you go out of WIFI coverage.

Job Pricing

FIELDMOTION provides live job progress to your back-office team and customers for invoicing once the job has been completed. The system can be integrated into Xero and QuickBooks or imported into any other software. Perfect for managing costs, quotes, purchase orders, invoicing, etc. The customer has a customer portal to see all their invoices live and this has helped create transparency.



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