Managing assets with FieldMotion’s field service management software

Most of the clients that come to us are in service management of some sort or another. In the beginning, our largest clients were in housing management, where workers would be assigned to go check on customer complaints such as broken doors, faulty boilers, etc. Lately, though, we get a lot of companies that work on assets and need to manage those assets.
In a pure forms-based service management software, there is no real “memory” between jobs. You are assigned to something, you go do it, you fill in the form, you are done. But if you are assigned to go check an asset that you’ve already checked at some point before, it would be great if the details of that asset were already filled in, and you just needed to check them over.
We manage this in a number of ways. The first time you go out to a client, you might need to select the asset in your field service software, by either selecting it from a list, or by using the phone or tablet’s barcode scanner to select the asset. As soon as the asset is selected, its details are downloaded (if not already on the device), and filled into the required fields in the form.
If the visit is a follow up (for example, after completion, the workflow management logic creates another job for that customer/asset 6 months down the line), then the job’s form can already have the list of present assets filled in, including their details, so you just need to look them over. Managing workflow means less work!
This is useful for things such as F Gas registering, or keeping track of wear and tear on assets that may change over time.
Using the power of workflow software means that there is less overall management as well. Based on the values you record, FieldMotion can automatically create new jobs to be done. For example, if an automated mathematical calculation in the form says that a certain asset’s safety is too low, you can book maintenance or replacement.

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