Our Simple Workflow System

A Simple workflow system and why you need it!

What is your biggest problem in business? Do you have too much paperwork? Are you not getting paid for your jobs because of late invoicing? Maybe you get agitated because you need to find this one piece of paper with important details on it. Either way, you would like to put a stop to it all.
So why aren’t businesses streamlining their workflow? I’ll tell you why, people are afraid of change. They fear the unknown. That’s why so many businesses are still using ancient methods of business. They are used to doing the same thing day in, day out.
People are not embracing technology the way they should be. Today, you can access your bank account on your mobile phone. Make payments and transfer money. We’ve come a long way from playing Snake on the Nokia 3310, wouldn’t you say?

Our system is easy to use

A common issue people have is that they think workflow systems are complicated and too technical. This is true for a lot of systems but if you think they are all the same, you are mistaken. You don’t have to be an IT expert to use our software. We have developed a simple workflow system that completely transforms how you do business. This organically increases revenue margin and cash flow.

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It\’s completely paperless

Our simple workflow system enables you to streamline your workflow. You can fill out all types of forms, job sheets, proposals etc. on your mobile device. This information is then sent instantly back to the office CRM. Your office staff can then process this information allowing for faster invoicing.

Oh and it\’s really fast!

The main feature of our system is that it is instant. As soon as a field worker is finished filling out a form on their mobile device, it is sent immediately back to the office. No need to drive anywhere. No waiting around for paperwork and payments can be made much faster than ever before. What’s not to love?

Workflow management software FIELDMOTION webinar

Why don\’t you register for our webinars? They are hosted every Tuesday and Friday and give a good insight into how our simple workflow system will work for your business.

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