Reduce Paperwork Over The Holidays

Are you doing paperwork over the holidays?

Did you leave it all to the last minute? You were thinking you can’t wait to finish up, go home and crack open an ice cold Heineken and relax. It turns out you have left a stupid amount of paperwork to one side and forgot. I\’ve got my violin ready, so here we go.
If you are in a working environment where every day you have to file documents, chances are at some stage or another you have thought “I’d love to just throw a match at it all.” To this I say, don’t be too hasty. There is a way you can avoid doing paperwork full stop never mind doing paperwork over the holidays. You\’ve got a workflow management system in place right?
Workflow Management Software FIELDMOTION paperwork over the holidays
Wouldn’t you love to walk into an office and not see a single drop of paperwork waiting for you? Then why not make it possible? It’s in your capable hands. I’ve written an article about this before so I won’t stick myself on repeat, you can read about it here.
There is nothing we love more than a nice holiday break, whether it’s a week in Rome sipping on a mocha-choca-batte-latte (I’m a tea-drinker) or a week of laying around your house watching crap TV and eating like a bear preparing for hibernation.
We all feel the need to get everything done, get it “out of the way” but we often falter and just blame ourselves. We’re too lazy or we have too much to do. You can decide which category you belong to.
To say I don’t have this problem would be an understatement. I admittedly say that with a big, smug smile on my face. Why? My ‘paperwork’ won’t stop me from lying in a heap in front of the TV for a week. Our workflow management software has taken care of that.
Workflow Management Software FIELDMOTION paperwork over the holidays
If you have this all too common problem, I would say why put yourself through it? Make the change now and lighten your workload. Your competition are implementing workflow management software so why aren\’t you?
Henry Ford said it better than I ever could, so I leave you with the words of the great innovator himself. “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.”

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