Is the paperless office a reality at last?

A leisurely organised workplace free from paper and clutter… has been nothing more than a pipe dream for overworked administrators since the eighties.
In recent years Smartphone\’s and tablets have become part of the furniture in the modern forward thinking office. In spite of this technology, offices around the country still have paper everywhere.
This would not matter if it was just a minor inconvenience; but time and money are the real cost of the endless corporate paper trails.
A recent YouGov survey revealed the size of the problem, stating that small and medium-sized enterprises waste more than £42.2 million per day searching for documents. That really is a staggering figure.
Another shocking figure is that more than 8 in 10 UK companies print documents just to get them signed. YouGov research shows that despite increasing pressure to ‘go paperless’, the vast majority of UK businesses still print documents just to get ink-based signatures:
[quote align=”center” color=”#999999″] “The survey amongst business leaders, which investigates British business practices regarding the use of paper, printing and signatures in the workplace, finds that 84% of UK businesses print documents just to get them signed while 62% print additional copies just for the purpose of obtaining “wet” signatures.
The issue of printing documents just to get them signed is even worse for larger organisations – 89% of medium-sized and 83% of large organisations admit to this. Printing is also greater in some specific market sectors with the worst culprits being the public sector (83%) and financial services (82%).
Almost a quarter (24%) of large organisations who print documents lose more than one day per transaction just to collect signatures, rising to 31% of large organisations.” [/quote]Source YouGov
Saving paper is important, but is now of paramount importance considering the time and money that is being wasted on unnecessary filing.
Now with Fieldmotion the digital dream can finally become a reality – it utilises the familiar smartphone and tablet and collects data onto digital versions of the forms your business is already using.
Fieldmotion can also collect photographs, digital signatures. With data being synced live from the field to your main office. All of your contracts, job sheets and proposals are stored digitally and are quickly located without the need for searching through files.
Contact us today and start saving your business time and money.
Fieldmotion – Mobile technology for mobile workers

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