Bringing The Paperless Office One Step Closer

With the advent of computers in the workplace we were told the paperless office was just round the corner…
Decades later our offices are still full of filing cabinets, lever arch files and spreadsheet printouts.
Email on smartphones has revolutionised communication and cut postage costs dramatically. However paper forms, contracts, proposals and the like are still the order of the day. These consume hours of administration and can be a real hassle.
This is where FIELDMOTION comes in. Smartphones are capable of so much more than email these days. Our workflow management software enables workers to fill out any type of form, job sheet, proposal etc on their mobile device. Meaning they can instantly send them back to the office. This allows stock ordering and company decisions can be made instantly.
No more filing, no more searching for job sheets. No more pointless journeys to and from the office. You already have a smartphone, why not use it?
[divider scroll_text=””] What are you waiting for? Streamline your business and get ahead of the competition. Contact us today and we will soon have your business processes on the cutting edge of what IT can deliver. If you\’d prefer to see what our system can offer your business, arrange a free demo today!

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Sign Contracts In The Field To Beat The Competition
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