Sign Contracts In The Field To Beat The Competition

Now, more than ever business is competitive. If you\’re not on-line, you\’ve already fallen behind the competition. However a lot of business is still done face to face, real people making real deals. People want products and services today and those who can deliver in the shortest time-frame have the edge.
Most companies that have field sales agents deal with paperwork in a roundabout way. Their agents don\’t spend much time in the office so when they close a deal they need to keep all of their information in one place. They have to take all of their contracts back to the office at the end of the day. The process does not start until the next day.
With FIELDMOTION, you can fill out all types of contracts, proposals and other forms on your mobile device. IN THE FIELD! You can instantly send them back to the office so that company decisions and orders can be made instantly.
Our workflow management software lets you sign contracts in the field. Which you can then send instantly back to the office. The paperwork for your contracts is back in the office before your sales agents have even got into their car.
Talk to one of our friendly staff members today to see how FIELDMOTION can take your business to the next level. Get ahead of the competition. Get FIELDMOTION.

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