The Doors Plus Group

The Doors Plus Group Ltd is an organisation specialising in the supply and installation of windows, doors, and fire door sets. Since its inception in 2012, the Doors Plus Group has grown substantially. They invest heavily in training, development, and technology, helping their business meet the increasing challenges and requirements of their diverse client base.

Why did the Doors Plus group go for Fieldmotion?

You probably know that one of the hardest things about owning your own business is managing all your paperwork and managing all your field workers. FIELDMOTION Automatic Door management software allowed us to facilitate all this into a simpler process. We were looking for a better way of doing business as the paperwork was getting too much. The business was expanding and we needed easy-to-use mobile software that was easy to install.

Can you name the main Enhancements it brought to your Business?

Firstly, it is an easy-to-use scheduling platform that will make a real difference to your business productivity & profits. Bringing everything under one platform for example Scheduling Reactive & Planned Jobs, and Booking Recurring Jobs all on a mobile app has saved us so much time. We have identified many areas that saved us money. One such aspect that significantly improved was the time spent on filing tasks. As a result, invoices were consistently paid on time, and we were able to handle a greater number of projects. Today, engineers have the advantage of analyzing data remotely, enabling them to make better-informed decisions with just a simple click of a button. This technological advancement has brought immense benefits to our workflow and decision-making processes.

What were the main Features you used?

 Asset Management

All the door details can be logged by all engineers. Anything that has been reported can be pulled through by anyone on any device at the next check-up. Details of all assets are logged with the administration team and fully registered on our system.

Schedule Management

Every asset is accounted for and any recurring jobs can be scheduled on the system. Reactive jobs do come in and the system allows us to plan better for such jobs. The calendar can drag & drop jobs. There is a traffic light process where jobs show up as Green (completed), Amber (due soon) & Red (over-due). This improved compliance and lowered the risk of any jobs being missed.

Mobile App

The software is cloud-based, and the app works even when you are offline, so you can fill in your reports when you have no internet connection. The app is easy to use, once you can work a mobile phone you can navigate around this app.

Mobile Forms

Not only do digital forms make sure all work is readable, but it is also a far better process than carrying around lots of paperwork with you. Everything can be got at the click of a button. Parts of the form can be hidden if they are not relevant to the assessment/report.

Customer Portal

As the company grew we found the customer portal was very beneficial for clients. It leads to fewer calls coming into the main phone lines as customers can review all their jobs online. The previous history of jobs is recorded and jobs to be completed are logged. It has made everything very transparent between us and the customer. It also brings down a lot of unnecessary questions.

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