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Air Tech Compressors Ltd was formed to service the compressed air generation and treatment equipment in the Irish & international spectrum. Our expertise in servicing, maintaining, and overhauling all types of air generation has established Air Tech as the leading Efficiency driven compressor company in the Irish market. Our skills base and flexibility allow us to provide fast and effective solutions for our client’s needs. Our extensive knowledge, expertise, and commitment to our customers ensure that we are always fully aware of our role within our client’s manufacturing strategy. In 2020 we were proud to be appointed as the national distributor for the ELGi range of oil-free and oil-flooded compressors and now in 2022 we bring you the all-new with a far wider range of products and options for the next-day door-to-door delivery.

Why did Air Tech go for Fieldmotion?

The biggest impact and pro for our business is being able to access all our customer data, history, and future planning digitally. Having prior experience in deploying similar systems at other companies, I initially had concerns about starting the process and managing the workload involved in migrating all our data to the new system. However, the team quickly alleviated my worries, and the setup and implementation turned out to be incredibly smooth and straightforward. Now that we have successfully implemented it, there is no doubt that this was the right decision, and we are excited about the future with this system. We won’t ever reconsider our choice!

Can you name the main Enhancements it brought to your Business?

We went with Fieldmotion as we felt a lot of the full CRM systems we looked at were overpriced and we would be paying for a lot of features we just didn’t need. Having been involved in implementing these systems in other companies I worked for. I was concerned about the amount of setup time that was going to be required and found that it often takes up to 12 months before you have enough usable information. With Fieldmotion we were up and running in a few days and have never looked back.

‘Fieldmotions Compressors Software has revolutionized the way we plan our daily activities while also allowing us to plan months into the future.’

What were the main Features you used?

Mobile Forms

Just by digitalising all our forms we were able to reduce our admin work by 8 hours a week which let us concentre on pursuing more business. Forms are never lost and they are filled in within minutes and sent back to the office instantly.

Asset Management

Asset management is essential for all our machines. Our mobile app allows you to access all previous job sheets that have been completed on specific machines. This eliminates the need to contact the office for updates on machine’s status.

Customer Portal

Our customers expressed great satisfaction upon discovering that they could access their own customer portal to view the complete history of work carried out, including relevant pictures.  This feature played a significant role in building trust, resulting in more business opportunities as our happy customers recommended us to other businesses.

Support Team

I don’t think you consider the importance of the support team prior to purchasing software, but it is a crucial aspect that will be required for continued support after implementation. I must emphasize that the support team has been exceptional in their assistance. They efficiently onboarded us within weeks, provided comprehensive training, and organized all of our asset data. They expertly guided us throughout the entire process and we owe our current success to their efforts.



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