The Race For Excellence Has No Finish Line…Waste Compliance

Regulations are there for a reason and that is that we work within the guidelines of the law. It ensures that your employees carry out best practice maintaining the high standards that you have worked so hard to maintain and have set for your business.
For those involved in the environmental/waste sector you will all know too well that everything you do has to have an audit trail and if carefully managed your business runs better….and as a result you can sleep better at night. Nobody wants to be liable!
Being compliant within the business creates a culture where the employee knows that you have their interest at heart and from that your productivity may increase.  Your customer can then become impressed by your company because your employees understand the rules and follow them.
What you don’t want is regulations being violated leading to the disruption of your reputation that you have built up over many years.
So, ensuring that you are compliant should be paramount as to how you run your company. Making sure that everything is documented and recorded correctly.  Within the waste sector, waste transfer documents are a legal requirement and should contain signatures from both parties between whom the waste is being transferred. The description of the waste should be noted along with the correct EWC Code and SIC 2007 code. The volume and how the waste is contained should be documented as well as all details to whom the waste is being transferred including their registration number.
This is known as ‘Duty of Care’’ and how we record this has an effect on how you conduct your business. With new technology and the availability of the smartphone companies have the ability to manage this with what is known as Field service management software. This allows you to electronically schedule work directly to their handheld where they can record all information digitally. Everything, from Health & Safety reports to Waste Transfer ( WTN ) and Consignment Notes can be replicated ensuring that you have done everything to remain compliant.

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