Customer Spotlight: Superior Security

Tell us a bit about your company

Superior Security

We are a security company specialising in CCTV monitored system, vehicle CCTV tracking, till fraud, intruder alarm and electric gates. We have a base in Carrickmacross Co Monaghan, and Donabate Co. Dublin with 12 engineers on the road nationwide.

Please tell us a little about your position in the company

I work in the accounts department, working closely with both our employees and suppliers.

What problems were you having that FieldMotion was brought in to fix?

Fiona Dullaghan, Director, Superior Group

We had a number of problems with had to resolve,

  1. Knowing what job each engineer was on at any giving time,
  2. Having the on-site times correct with what the customer thought was correct
  3. Preparing wages based on times on site.

How has FieldMotion affected your business since you’ve started using it?

It has certainly made us more organised and prepared for all our installs.

If you could put a number on it, how many hours/person/week have you saved by switching to FieldMotion?

It has saved me between 6-8 hours a week by switching to fieldmotion. It has left me more time to keep up my main duties rather than spending hours trying to figure out where the engineers were for wage purposes. Fieldmotion has saved our service managers 2-3 hours per day planning the work schedule.

Through your use of Fieldmotion, has your company seen a positive financial benefit, and if so what would that be?

I think there has been a positive financial benefit as we are wasting less time on things that shouldn’t take long to do, also our customers have job sheets with dates & signatures confirming we were on site, so therefore there is less room to argue over invoices. Our communication level with customers has greatly increased and they appreciate that, which will help in the long term retain/gain customers.

Do you think that FieldMotion software will help your company take on more work?

I think it will as I have seen how our service manager has organised the work schedule so efficiently using the appointments page, he can keep customers up to date on time of arrivals. Organisation will lead to us being able to gain more work.
The team in Fieldmotion are great, no matter how big, small or silly my question is they always have a fix. The software itself is very easy to use, and once Aodhan (customer care specialist – editor) took the time and patience to show me how to create forms, I realised how simple it is to do. It is very easy especially for someone not IT inclined. I would definitely recommend Fieldmotion to anyone to help improve their business.

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