Using Fieldmotion If You Are SSAIB or NSI Accredited

If you are a Fire & Security company based in the UK or Ireland then you will be aware of the prestige that comes with being SSAIB or NSI accredited. For your industry this is the gold star of excellence and integrity, the bench mark for all your competitors and the symbol that your potential customers are looking for before they decide who to contract for their Fire & Security work. So, what does Fieldmotion, a Field Service Management software company know about Fire & Security companies and their industry accreditations and compliance? Quite a lot, actually!

Fieldmotion provides Service Management Software to many different industry sectors around the world. With our scheduling application, you can schedule planned and reactive work and send these jobs directly to your engineers’ mobile devices. The engineer can complete all the necessary paperwork using their mobile and send this instantly back to the office when the job is completed.

However, our work with UK and Ireland based Fire & Security companies over the past nine years has allowed us to revolutionise the way that they do business. Working closely with these companies we have helped them to become compliant with the SSAIB and NSI accreditation bodies but more importantly we have ensured that they stay compliant! So how do we do this?

The main area at which Fieldmotion excels for our SSAIB and NSI accredited customers is reporting. There are several useful reports for SSAIB and NSI customers that Fieldmotion can produce. The main one being the Job Completion Report. This report can be built for you based on your own specific requirements. We can create these based on individual job types or forms etc so each can have their own individual report. The main purpose of this report is to ascertain whether jobs have been completed on time. In the below example you can see that jobs completed late are marked as red and jobs completed early or on time are marked as green.

In addition to this if a SSAIB or NSI auditor wishes to know more about the late jobs, Fieldmotion allows you to run an export from the jobs list that will indicate the late jobs and the late completion amount, as well as any additional information you may need to output, such as job notes etc.

If your company receives reports from alarm monitoring stations detailing alarm activations etc, Fieldmotion allows you to import these TTX or excel files and will even create detailed dashboard reports as shown below which is another requirement of the SSAIB and NSI auditors.

These are just some of the reporting functions available to our SSAIB and NSI approved customers. For more details or to find out how these reports could work for your company, please feel free to request a demonstration and we will be more than happy to show you.

The reporting functionality is just one step on the road to compliance for SSAIB and NSI. No doubt you will have a long list of job reports that your engineers are required to complete for each job. Whether it’s a fire maintenance report or engineer call out report or any of the other host of reports that need to be completed- Fieldmotion allows you to digitise these. Not only can we help you save the planet by cutting down on your use of paper reports, we will actually make your engineers more efficient! No more calling back to the office to drop off job reports each day. As soon as your engineer completes a job, that job report is sent instantly back to your admin team to invoice your customers. No more time spent by the admin team filing away reports- all job information and completed job reports are securely stored under the customer details on the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. You can even give your customers access to their very own client portal. So, whether your customer contacts you in the future for historical job information or whether you are going through an SSAIB/ NSI audit, all your information is only a click of the mouse away.

So, if you are SSAIB or NSI accredited and want us to help you stay compliant or even if you are thinking about joining one of these accreditation bodies, we are more than happy to discuss your needs and show you how Fieldmotion can help your business achieve this. For the perfect business management software solution for your Fire & Security company, why not register for an online demonstration or set up a 14-day free trial and see for yourself just why Fieldmotion is the number one provider of software for your industry.

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