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Since the finding of Acrivarn, one of the fundamental principles we stand by has been to work closely with our customers. This provides the opportunity to continually assess and improve the levels of service they offer and to create the most efficient support available, along with unrivalled customer service.

Acrivarn design, manufacture and install bakery equipment. Including rack ovens, proving cabinets, glazers & coolers. All the items of bakery equipment in their range can be customized to suit specific requirements. This flexibility allows the baker to meet both current and future production levels and has earned Acrivarn an enviable reputation within the industry.

Their equipment is constructed using only high-quality materials and components; the view is that bakery equipment should be built up to a standard and not down to a price.  They are justifiably proud of our service reputation as they provide an outstanding service with rapid response times using our qualified, efficient, and experienced Engineers.

Why did Acrivarn Choose Fieldmotion?

We have been using FIELDMOTION Maintenace & Servicing Software for several years now. Our Service Division has been operating for over 20 years on what we considered to be a very efficient paper system; we thought it was time for a change.

What have been the biggest Positive changes?

Since converting to FIELDMOTION the only question we have now is – How did we manage without it? We are very pleased with its efficiency, and more importantly, our customers are receiving up-to-date information in a very professional format. Our invoices can be generated as soon as the call is completed and revisits can be actioned immediately on a recurring schedule. Altogether a much-improved process from what we started out with. Another important point worth mentioning is that the support team does an amazing job; we have found them to be very patient and effective in supporting us

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