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Wyatt McAteer Contracts specialises in groundwork projects, plant hire, and lorry hire. They also supply and deliver various types of stone. Wyatt Mcateer Contracts Ltd is an active company incorporated on 19 August 2003 with the registered office located in Newry, County Down. Wyatt McAteer Contracts Ltd has been running for 18 years.

Why did Wyatt McAteer Contracts go with Fieldmotion?

Before we started working with FIELDMOTION, our main concern was learning how to use the new system as we had never used anything like it before and new technology can be very daunting. We were also concerned about the availability of backup support. However, we found FIELDMOTION Hire Software to be very easy to use and it was explained to us in a way that all our employees were able to understand. The layout of the system could be easily changed to suit our needs and we have found the backup support provided by the FIELDMOTION team to be excellent. Any queries we had or changes that needed to be made were sorted out promptly.

Initially, we had planned to run our existing docket book system alongside FIELDMOTION for the first few months, but since it was so easy to operate and understand, we were confident to just use FIELDMOTION for everything after a few weeks.

Name the biggest Positive Enhancement to your Business

From the office point of view, the information is instantly available and we no longer have the issue of lost paperwork or information coming back late. We can now generate sale invoices earlier, and we can archive information and retrieve specific reports when required. We also no longer have to file big piles of docket books. For our employees based outside the office, most of the information is already populated and the digital format is much easier to fill out than paper forms.

Overall, paperwork has been reduced and all sales information, timesheets, and purchases are coming back on time to the office. We are very happy with the FIELDMOTION product and the service the FIELDMOTION team provides. We would recommend it to any business that has employees working away from the office.

What were the main Features you used?

Asset Management

Wyatt Mcateer Contracts Ltd hires out all their assets. With FIELDMOTION they can plan and locate all their machinery on their calendar, down to time slot allocation. Keeping all information in one place is crucial for them as they can locate broken machines for example to make sure no broken machines are hired out etc. As all paperwork has been reduced this has helped lower the time-consuming strain of admin tasks. The hire business asset management & tracking software gives you the power to manage your business across multiple sites, handling scheduled work and reacting rapidly to urgent appointments.

Planned Preventative Maintenance

Wyatt Mcateer Contracts Ltd needs to make sure all their hiring equipment is maintained and maintenance work is carried out regularly on all machinery.  Creating a PPM schedule ensures no task is ever missed when it comes to keeping all their assets maintained.

Job Costing

FIELDMOTION software allows you to track all costs and revenue associated with a particular job. Some jobs are a one-off undertaking or they can evolve delivering multiple assets. Real-time access to jobs is available for the company and customers. Easily allowing the company to track jobs from quote to invoice and everything in between.

Mobile App

The mobile app is useful as it makes direct two-way communication with the office. Being able to locate jobs and employees can help locate and transport jobs to their next destination as the system has a GPS stamp. This has allowed Wyatt Mcateer Hiring to expand their business with the time given back to them.  The mobile App allocates jobs based on real-time data such as driver, equipment, and stock availability. You can share job directions, and workflows, with your men via the FIELDMOTION mobile app anytime anywhere. Also, the app provides live job progress to your back-office team and customers. All are completed at the touch of a button on the FIELDMOTION app.

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