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Lucas Fire and Security Ltd is a security company based in the Midlands. We specialise in Fire Alarms, Intruder alarms, and door access control. Lucas Fire and Security Limited can help protect you and your property 24 hours a day.

Lucas Fire and Security Ltd provide, install and maintain a variety of security installations for both domestic and commercial clients. In addition to security systems, we supply a wide range of other systems including CCTV, burglar alarms, fire alarms, and more. We are situated just outside Coventry city centre and serve the surrounding areas of Rugby and other areas in the West Midlands. Lucas Fire and Security Limited are NSI approved and fully insured, and our workforce is friendly, helpful, experienced, and above all, reliable.

Why did Lucas Fire and Security Ltd Choose Fieldmotion?

Before we started working with FIELDMOTION Ltd, we were using another system but found FIELDMOTION to be a far more complete system. We found the diary function and the ability to fill in and sign documents remotely to be extremely beneficial. As FIELDMOTION Fire & Security Software is a complete system, it would certainly benefit any type of business but it is particularly great for companies that have employees that work away from the office.

Like most new systems, there is a learning curve but the FIELDMOTION guys have given us great support to date and they are always at hand to help out with anything we need.
Once set up, FIELDMOTION will help you to smooth the day-to-day running of any company and we would highly recommend it to anyone.

What have been the biggest Positive changes?

The mobile forms can capture data from previous jobs which benefited our company immensely. The online forms were even very crucial for going for accreditations, as they do help improve compliance standards. FIELDMOTION has helped our technicians have everything they need to get the job done efficiently. As the company grew we could not afford to miss jobs or lose paperwork. Digitalising allows you to work smarter, not harder. Automation allows for a simplified process that streamlines all workflows. Altogether we were able to get much better insights into inefficiencies and profits. Evolving the company not only changed how the company operates. These processes made the workload easier for admin staff and technicians. As an extra bonus, there has been a level of transparency with our customers too, as they can log in to their own customer portal to see all jobs completed etc.

Which features have been most Beneficial?

Asset Management     

The fire and security company management software give Lucas Fire and  Security Ltd the power to respond quickly and efficiently to reactive jobs, whilst handling planned work. Jobs are allocated based on real-time data such as engineers, equipment, and stock availability. You can share job directions, workflows, digital risk assessments, and safety certificates with your engineers via the FIELDMOTION mobile app. All the while providing live job progress to your back-office team and customers.

Mobile App

All job sheets and forms can be sent to engineers’ phones. FIELDMOTION cloud-based software means if an engineer goes out of coverage they will not lose forms if the Wifi connection goes down. The App not only allows for direct communications with engineers, but it also means all job paperwork is filled in and understood completely. If the job is a recurring job all previous data collected can be pulled through.

Planned Preventative Maintenance

Lucas Fire & Security needed to make sure all their jobs are carried out regularly. Creating a PPM (planned preventative maintenance) schedule ensures no task is ever missed when it comes to keeping all their assets maintained for all their customers.

Job Scheduling

FIELDMOTIONS traffic light process identifies completed jobs (GREEN), jobs in progress (AMBER), and jobs unassigned (RED). This lowers the risk of ever missing a job. Engineers don’t overtravel to jobs as the system allows the admin staff to pull up individual schedules or they can look at all jobs on the drag & drop calendar. This saves admin staff a lot of time. They can send a reactive job to an engineer’s mobile phone and the app will track all the jobs paperwork. No more paperwork for admin staff allows them to concentrate on expanding the business.

Mobile Forms

Switching to mobile forms and data collection software has led to greater business growth for Lucas Fire & Security in employee productivity, and retention, as well as improving the bottom line. At FIELDMOTION they replicate your forms or you can build them yourself. They offer 5 forms to be built for you as part of the implementation fee.


The job tracking software allows the admin team see the bigger picture. The team can see all the jobs in real time they can optimize productivity where needed. The GPS stamp allows the company to know how long a job takes. FIELDMOTION then allows an invoice to be populated straight after the job is completed. Lucas Fire & Security felt there was a quicker turnaround with getting invoices paid when they digitalised.

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