1,000,000 jobs completed

A milestone moment.
A few weeks ago, we were doing a little analysis on our historic data and noticed that the number of jobs completed by our field service management software customers was getting close to a million. After a little work, we came up with a quadratic equation which closely modeled our growth. It predicted that we would hit 1,000,000 jobs completed over the weekend.
Well, this morning I checked and we were at 1,000,202!
It’s very difficult to find the exact job that was the one millionth, as they are spread out over all of our databases (we keep our customer databases separate to ensure there is no chance the data can “leak”).
Another nice thing we noticed based on the analysis is that our growth is accelerating. Unlike one of our competitors who has been advertising the exact same number of “completed jobs last month” since early last year, our numbers are growing.
Slow but steady wins the race.
The market for field service business management software is huge. It’s estimated by some that the industry was worth 1.76 billion USD in 2016 and will be worth 3.61 billion in 2021, 4.45 billion in 2022. Others are a little more conservative and suggest 4.1 billion in 2025. No matter who you believe, though, they all say the market is huge.
We have been working our way into this industry for the past 5 years, and are steadily getting more and more of the pie, simply because we work based on what the majority of our clients need, we try to keep it as simple as possible, and we started out right from the beginning with the most common issues in mind.
Our apps work whether you are online or offline, for example, syncing in the background automatically when data is available. There is no need for the user to know how that works – as far as they’re concerned, it just works. Other FSM companies have apps that only work when you are online (and how useful is that when your work is in an area that has no network coverage?). Yet more have a “synchronise” button that you need to press to upload your work and download new work (which the users forget to press).
On the CRM (customer relationship management software) side, we have a core set of features that we try to keep from growing. Yes, we do add some things when they are obviously useful, but we mostly try to not add everything we can think of, because that just ends up complicating the product. Paperless office software solutions, after all, are about getting away from complications – not making more of them.
We anticipate the next million to complete within a year, and the next after that in only a few months. The future is interesting. Talk to us about yours.

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