FieldMotion as a customer relationship management system

This week, we were concentrating on adding new tools to the CRM (customer relationship management) part of our system.
We recently added that when a customer is changed from one “type” of customer to another, an email could be sent out to that customer. You get to define the email of course – we wouldn’t just send a random email out!
This is useful in cases where all customers need to receive a “welcome pack” email, for example, which includes links to video tutorials, etc.
We got that working well a short while ago. This week, we’re making sure that the history of sent emails is recorded next to each customer, so you can say for definite “this email was sent to you on 2017-xxx at xx AM”.
The fact that FieldMotion can be used as a CRM is something we don’t usually advertise, because it’s mainly designed to simply be the best field service software. However, since we actually use it internally for our own sales, and have experience with other CRMs pre-FieldMotion, we know that it’s up there with the best of the rest.
One of our sales guys was chatting with a potential client recently who had been tasked with procuring a field services tool for the company – the company had already looked into getting a bespoke application built and had balked at the massive number involved (hundreds of thousands). During the course of the chat, our salesperson mentioned that we use FieldMotion internally for pretty much everything we do, even customer relationships, and he suddenly perked up “oh? that’s another off my todo list!”
All field service management software companies should take into account that all companies need to manage their customers. It’s not like they magically appear and stay around – you need to have a method of setting reminders (callbacks) for yourself to keep in touch with them – you need to have a list of notes and files in one handy place where you can read or update them at a moment’s notice. Service job management software needs to record what you did for the customer before, what they said, anything related to them.
If you’d like to learn more about the CRM part of our paperless office software solutions, please ask for a demo.

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