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At Numac Fabrications Ltd we manufacture waste skips, roll-on roll-off containers, and waste compactors. They also carry out on-site servicing of waste compactors and balers. Currently, they service clients across Ireland, Uk, and USA providing bespoke design and production services to waste management, construction, and food processing companies.

Their facility encompasses CAD design, specialist plasma cutting equipment, and painting units. We manufacture to meet all Chem standards. The product range now includes waste compactors – both static and portable units – as well as a wide range of containers and skips. After four decades of business, it’s clear that if you are in the recycling business. You’ve probably used a Numac waste container. As a family business, they understand the need to deliver the best value for money to our customers whilst ensuring our operational practices are of the highest quality.

Why did Numac Fabrications go for Fieldmotion?

When we were first approached by FIELDMOTION our main concern was if this was something we would actually use and if it would benefit our company. Upon implementing FIELDMOTION, we were surprised at how much time it saved us each day. We are now able to send orders directly to the workshop supervisor without actually having to speak with him and explain the specifications of each job. In the past, orders were passed on verbally which tended to result in mistakes being made as important specifications were sometimes forgotten.

Name the biggest Positive Enhancement to your Business

The ability to add photos to job sheets and service sheets has given our customers a better understanding of the work that we carry out for them. As FIELDMOTION stores all our information, including past jobs, it has been very beneficial to be able to source jobs carried out previously when required.

FIELDMOTION Waste and Recycling Software takes a lot of the hassle out of the day-to-day operations of our business and we have also found that having FIELDMOTION has proven to be a good selling point for potential customers in the servicing part of our business. We would recommend FIELDMOTION to all businesses but especially those who are employed in doing site work. Manufacturing companies will also benefit from FIELDMOTION to help make them more efficient.

What were the main features you used?

Job scheduling

Waste management software gives Numac Fabrications Ltd the opportunity to allocate jobs based in real-time such as driver, equipment, and stock availability. As the company grew we needed to know where our products were and where our engineers were at a quick glance.

Mobile App

The app is very beneficial as It provided live job progress to your- back office team and customer. Being able to locate jobs and employees can help locate and transport jobs to their next destination as the system has a GPS stamp. This allowed Numac Fabrications to expand their business with the time given back to them.  The company noticed they got work done more efficiently and quicker.

Mobile Forms

Switching to mobile forms and data collection software has led to greater business growth, employee productivity, and retention, as well as improving the bottom line for Numac Fabrications. At FIELDMOTION they replicate your forms or you can build them yourself. They offer 5 forms that they build for you as part of the implementation fee. Everything from the paper schedules, worksheets, timesheets, mileage records, and invoices were able to become more organised and we saved valuable time by digitalising.

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