Chilltec Refrigeration

Chilltec Refrigeration Ltd is specialists in the installation, maintenance, service, and repair of all forms of Refrigeration including Walk-in Chillers. They also install Air Conditioning units and their Air-con engineers are certified to FGAS standards and are experienced in the installation, repair, and maintenance of all systems including manufacturers such as Daikin, Fujitsu, Hitachi, Mitsibushi, Toshiba, and LG. As Daikin D1 Installers, Chilltec Refrigeration Ltd has access to one of the most comprehensive and knowledgeable Help Desks in the industry and we pride ourselves in being one of Ireland’s premium Air-Con providers.

Why did Chiltech Refrigeration go for Fieldmotion?

We are very lucky that we had a lot of work coming in but we were still operating on paper and the work spans the length and breadth of England. As you can imagine the workload started to become unmanageable. We were on the lookout for cloud-based software that could help everyone in our business be able to communicate easily with one another.

Fieldmotion, provides a cloud-based digital platform for engineers, allowing data to be captured in real-time, appointment setting, effective communication, real-time decisions, accountability, and time management monitoring. It ticked all the boxes for what we needed.

Can you name the main Enhancements it brought to Chiltech Refrigeration?

The cloud enhanced our business by allowing engineers to work in any location across England without Wifi. We didn’t have to try and get engineers to come back to the office with paperwork. It was difficult and costly trying to get paperwork back to the office before we implemented the FIELDMOTION Refrigeration software.

What were the main features Chiltech Refrigeration used?

Schedule Management

The drag-and-drop feature is perfect for working with reactive, planned, and recurring jobs. You can set recurring jobs up until future notice and you can move jobs around to make room for reactive work. Everyone has a clear vision of what is going on within the business.

Asset Management

We needed asset management for all our machines. On the mobile app, you can see all previous job sheets that have been carried out on specific machines. There is no need in calling the office to get an update on a machine.

Mobile Forms

Digital forms and mandatory checklists have helped us be more efficient when it comes to managing equipment, timesheets, and managing employees’ productivity.


Quoting has a quicker turnaround and it is more accurate when we digitalized as pricing is stored online to help do up quotes quicker and more professionally.


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