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Bio Pest Management is a professional pest management business that is fully focused on offering a high-class service from all departments of their operation. They are based in London and cover all London postcodes and home county areas. Combined, they have over 25 years of pest management industry experience in Commercial & Domestic buildings. Their Service Technicians are very customer focus orientated and are fully trained & qualified for the Royal Society of Public Health Level 2 pass in pest management. Bio Pest Management has a number of clients that they have retained over the years through trust and quality of service. Their aim is to provide cost-effective pest management solutions whilst protecting the environment & wildlife. Protecting the environment is a key focus for them when resolving all pest issues.

Why did Bio Pest Managment go for Fieldmotion?

We tried a number of software but we found FIELDMOTION Pest Control management software to suit our needs best. We got a better insight into what the software could do after we sat a tailored Demonstration. We were very impressed by the features and capabilities the software could undertake. Today, we could not be without this software. Furthermore, I must emphasize the importance of aftercare services provided by the support team. Often overlooked when buying software, having a responsive support team is crucial to ensure satisfaction with the product. The Fieldmotion team promptly responds to any requests or issues within minutes.

Can you name the main Enhancements it brought to your Business?

For the technician, it has an easy-to-use app with the function to scan checkpoints. We then used the system for in-house audits.  The customer also can log into the customer portal to see the progress of the work we carried out. Overall, the system has helped all the people involved. The seamless journey it has created has been the biggest positive change along with saving time and money. It really has increased job satisfaction for the technicians, administration team, and customers.

Our company Bio Pest Management has accreditations from BPCA, NPTA, Safe Contractors, etc. Digitalising has helped us maintain and accrue such achievements. By investing in field service management software the company remains compliant by always having a paper trail of all jobs. We had to drastically change the reporting to suit our business needs and without their help, this could not have been completed.

What were the main features you used?

Asset Management

We use bait boxes that need to be checked frequently which could be monthly, 3 months, 6 months, etc. Sometimes we need to record each bait box that we have checked to see if there is any activity.

Mobile App

The app improves cash flow into the business as invoices, quotes, estimates, and purchase orders can be generated very quickly once work has been completed. The office gets the data back in real-time so it moves cash flows overnight.

Mobile Forms

The mobile forms allowed us to digitalize all our forms from Health & Safety, Treatment Reports, and Surveys to Compliance Forms, etc. The digital forms could be put into reports more easily for audits and we started passing at a 97% pass rate. In the end, we replaced all our paperwork with digital workflows. The workforce was managed through the software and it saved a lot of time which allowed us to focus on expanding the business more.

Job Scheduling

You can schedule and run your whole business in one place. We could track every job on the platform’s calendar. The calendar actually has a drag-and-drop traffic light system. Jobs completed came up as green, amber meant due soon, and red jobs stood for overdue. This meant we never lost any jobs and compliance was always met.

Customer Portal

FIELDMOTION has a self-service portal for all customers, where they can view progress and download invoices, and book a job. This created transparency and trust between the business and the customer. We believe it brought in more jobs. A software solution allows you to manage your process more effectively, from faster response times to detailed job reports. Exceeding expectations will lead to brand loyalty and repeat business in the future we believe.




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