Universal Property Maintenance

Universal Property Maintenance has an enviable reputation for prompt and reliable service, a high standard of work, and a competitive pricing policy. They, as a company can provide a service that will cover all aspects of the day-to-day running of a building. These services can be used as stand-alone solutions for facilities or in conjunction with other services. Their skilled team undertakes all aspects of building work and they also operate an emergency call-out service. At the heart of their approach is a commitment to service excellence, frequent communication, efficient cost controls, and a continuous focus on their clients’ changing needs.

Why did Universal Property Maintenance go for Fieldmotion?

UPM has been using the FIELDMOTION Facilities management software platform for 3 years now and we wouldn’t be without it. We were looking for a platform that had an easy-to-use interface and we found what they were looking for in the FIELDMOTION software.  Not only could we look at better reports for the whole company but we also had more control over our business. The company could see finally where they lacked inefficiencies once we had all our clients’ information on one software. This allowed us to stop doubling up on work, it helped monitor all assets,  and made sure all health & safety regulations were compliant.

Can you name the main Enhancements it brought to your Business?

Overall, FIELDMOTION facilities management software offered us a lot of stability to Universal Property Maintenance when it came to being more organized and efficient. All information is stored securely on the cloud readily accessible anywhere. It not only turned the company into a paper-free zone but it saved time and money. We couldn’t believe how fast everything was done when we digitalized. Invoiceing paperwork was done in minutes, completing time- sheets and consuming office tasks was lowered by 20 hours a week. Profitability is increased by decreasing administration staff costs. Improved project delivery and better management of site time have allowed us to expand our business. Once you can see real-time job progress, and remove duplications you will notice a massive difference in how much time can be saved.

What were the main features you used?

Asset Management

All the assets can have QR codes put on them allowing them to be scanned. Fieldmotion Maintenance Software can scan any code but we use QR codes. This means assets are identified quicker. We have so many sites that we need to know where all our assets are located in an organized platform and Fieldmotion allowed us to do this.

Mobile App

At the touch of a button, our engineers can have info on previous work carried out on an asset. Any forms or reports can be pulled up on the app and if the app goes offline the forms will still stay on the screen. We can hide areas of the form if we don’t need them. Overall, it is a quicker way to fill in forms. It also is a faster two-way communication system with the office that we could not live without.

Planned Preventative Maintenance

Planned maintenance helped the company take a proactive maintenance approach. This assisted in keeping costs down as fewer assets broke down. FIELDMOTION allows you to put all these jobs on recurring jobs. Their calendar has a drag-and-drop scheduler, which means if a reactive job comes in you, can move jobs around.


We really liked that we could analyze job profitability, engineers’ productivity, and high-value customers. The company was able to make better-informed decisions. We started saving money in many areas from this feature alone.

Purchase Orders

When an engineer needs a part it was very time-consuming to get the administration team to approve it. When we digitalized we streamlined this whole process. It not only saves money but it saves us a lot of time. It gives us more control and improved the service that we provided our customers.



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