Davcon Warehouse Machinery

Davcon Warehouse Machinery has over 40 years of experience in the Sales, Service, and Rental of Warehouse Equipment in the Irish market.

Davcon Warehouse Machinery supply and support some of Ireland’s largest Logistics, Pharma, and Food companies along with managing a dealer network throughout the UK on behalf of the factory in Germany. Their main area of focus is in Man Up Very Narrow Aisle equipment and they are set up to supply & support machinery across Ireland and the UK, carry out direct maintenance work on customer’s machines, and technical support to dealers overseas. All of their engineers are factory trained and experienced in the installation, commissioning, and maintenance of the full range of warehouse equipment and forklift trucks

Why did Davcon Warehouse Machinery go for Fieldmotion?

Before we started using FIELDMOTION Maintenance & Servicing Software, we were concerned that putting in a new system would be slow and customer information would get lost. However, the system is extremely user-friendly and the support from the FIELDMOTION office was excellent. We experienced the usual teething issues you would expect when implementing a new system, but help was always on the other end of the phone. Any small issues we had at the start were either immediately corrected in real-time, or where necessary additional training support was needed it was provided to both office staff and engineers on the road.

Name the biggest Positive Enhancement to your Business

In the past getting completed dockets/reports back to the office for invoicing was slow. We were dependent on finding a time in the engineer’s schedule to return paperwork, which had a knock-on effect on a number of things. We were slower at getting invoices out; slower to pick up follow-up work on machines and we never had the information to hand if a customer had a query. The new system will email a copy direct to the accounts department for processing and equally alerts the service department of any follow-up requirements. Also our customer now instantly gets a copy sent to their email and a copy is available to us online going forward. This has helped to improve the service we offer our customers by limiting downtime and alerting them to potential health and safety issues on their machinery in a much timelier manner.

What were the main features you used?

Job Tracking

The job tracking software allows the team to see the bigger picture. As the admin team can see all the jobs in real-time allowing optimized productivity where needed in real-time. The GPS stamp allows the company to know how long a job takes. FIELDMOTION then allows an invoice to be populated straight after the job is completed.

Mobile App

All job sheets and forms can be sent to engineers’ phones. The cloud-based software means if an engineer goes out of coverage they will not lose forms when they lose Wi-Fi. The app not only allows for direct communications with engineers but it also means all job paperwork is filled in and understood completely. If the job is a recurring job, all data from the last check can be pulled through.

Mobile Forms

Switching to mobile forms and data collection software can lead to greater business growth, employee productivity, and retention while improving the bottom line. At FIELDMOTION they can replicate your forms or you can build them yourself. They offer 5 forms that they build for you as part of the implementation fee which was sufficient enough for us.

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